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We all know about goal setting.

We’ve all heard that we need to set big goals, haven’t we?

There are actually entire books on this single subject. 

Such as Awaken the Giant Within by Tony Robbins or The Magic of Thinking Big by David Schwartz. 

But I’m not going to take 70k words to try and explain a simple concept. 

Books are long for the single purpose of keeping the industry alive. 

Blogs have extremely long posts for the purpose of ranking higher on Google searches.

Sure, I’m guilty of some long posts as well. However, the reason behind it is different. 

First of all, (at times) I enjoy writing. I feel a need to inspire with the things I am able to share.

Secondly, I’d rather have a long post with images, metaphors and examples, to make it interesting, rather than having an entire block of unappealing text, especially since only the few, interested in that particular subject, will probably read it from start to end anyway.

But here it will be different. 

I’m actually going to keep it really short, because if you will take it seriously, the few examples I give, will help you see the importance of setting big goals

So, let’s imagine this guy, called Felix, who lives in 2 parallel universes. 

One of them is called Felix Blue and the other person’s name is Felix Red. 

Easy to remember, right?

Actually, here’s a picture with the 2 of them.

 (click any image if you want to zoom)


Easy enough to distinguish, right?

Now… they both have the same life. 

However, they have different plans for the new year. 

  • Felix Blue is thinking of writing 365 blog posts in 2019.
  • Felix Red is thinking of writing SOME blog posts.

That’s all. 

Everything else they do, work, university, learning, nutrition and exercise are equal. 

Who do you think will write more blog posts at the end of 2019?

Well … we might be having the same idea here, but you never now.

So let’s take another look at another decision they take in their life. 

Felix blue and Felix red want to save some money in order to have financial freedom in the future. 

Because both of them are high achievers and they are at a point in their career where they have proven themselves already, they both are earning $100k/year. 

  • Felix Blue decides to put away 30% of his income each month. It won’t be easy but he knows that if he doesn’t set an exact number, he won’t be able to be rational at all times, when shopping. 
  • Felix Red decides to spend less than he earns each month. For him, it seems like a smart idea, considering none of his friends even think of doing at least that. 

For this one, I will help with the math.

I’ve also done some research on how much do people (at least in the US) save, on average. 

Thanks to the website Financial Samurai, which is doing an amazing job at financial education, I found this interesting graph.


Well, it seems as if the average saving rate nowadays is around 2%.

I will be really generous with Felix Red and I will say that he is able to save more than double of that, and get to 5%.

Let’s do the math.

Felix Blue has $30k savings at the end of the year. 

Is that easy to do? No. 

Impossible? Far from it. 

Let’s not forget he has a decent income and doesn’t have to sacrifice much.

Felix Red

Considering the research from earlier. 

$5k at the end of the year.

That does seem like a huge difference doesn’t it? 

If we multiply this good habit (or way of thinking), for the next 10 years we get:


300k vs 50k.

Now you can definitely do some interesting things with those $250k.

I guess we know whose life is more relaxed from a financial stand point. 

Now, these differences are not due to the fact that Felix Blue has any big advantage over Felix Red, is it? 

He just THINKS that more is possible, so he doesn’t shy away from seeing more abundance, be it blog posts, or money. 

He sets bigger goals from the start.

Let’s imagine that I was wrong.

Felix Blue wasn’t able to save $30k/year.

He was able to save an average of only $20k/year.

So, in the end, he has ONLY $200k in savings, after 10 years.

Still $150k more than his twin brother from a parallel universe, Felix Red.

What is surprising is that to go from $20k a year to $30k a year, you have to have a 50% increase in savings. Even without that increase, Felix Blue still has a nice savings account.

Oh, and since he didn’t achieve his goal, we can assume he spent that money to enjoy life more than we expected.

But let’s get away from money, maybe that doesn’t excite you as much.

So let’s look at something that might actually make the biggest difference in both of our character’s life.

Their ability to learn new things. 

We know both of them basically have the same capabilities. And not only them, but all people. 

Anyone can learn almost anything. Do you agree with me on that? 

Both Felix Blue and Felix Red are avid learners. 

They both love to constantly sharpen and improve their skills. 

However, there’s a small tiny difference between how they think. 

Felix Red gets his hands on many different books and downloads a lot of useful YouTube videos on his hard drive.

He organizes everything in folders, such as:

  • Copywriting
  • Digital Marketing
  • Project Management
  • Learning How to Learn. 

Felix Blue on the other hand, doesn’t do any of that. He just opens a Word file, takes a pen and paper, and starts learning one specific thing, for a specific period. 

After 2019 ends, the difference is as follows:

Felix Red went through the following:

  • 3 full courses on marketing
  • 1 on copywriting

He also tried another 2 for copywriting but felt the person who presented was not a smart person and the course was too long, so he abandoned it. He also abandoned one SQL course because he felt it was too hard for him. 

At the same time, Felix Blue went through:

  • 5 marketing courses
  • 4 sales courses
  • 2 on copywriting
  • 1 on psychology
  • 2 on project management

He didn’t try SQL because he didn’t really need it for any particular reason.

What do we get eventually? 


Now, you might be thinking what’s the big difference here, since they both had big goals. 

It’s actually the biggest issue when some people set their goals. 

Both of them had BIG GOALS, but if you just set a big final goal (or outcome), and don’t know how to chunk it and start taking action with patience, everything will remain a dream. 

Felix Red had big goals of developing his skills, but wasn’t aware that you get towards a big goal, one step at a time. 

Felix Blue knew that the final goal was to become skilled in many different areas. He didn’t get overwhelmed by the big goal. He just decided he will pursue it and move toward it by leveling up his skills one at a time. 

At the end of the year, if we add everything up 


Felix Blue 

  • More blog posts 
  • More money
  • More skills

Felix Red

  • Less blog posts 
  • Less money 
  • Less skills

Sure, they spent their free time differently.

I’m not the one to judge. If Felix Red had more fun, maybe he’s happier.

But if both of them see what the other has done, I’m pretty sure Felix Blue will be satisfied, while Felix Red will be a little disappointed that he didn’t think that more is possible. 

Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day.

The most efficient people haven’t discovered any way of making the day longer.

However, they have discovered that if you set big goals, you have higher chances of succeeding.

Reach for the moon, and even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.

There’s always a way. The biggest problem is that we don’t set big enough goals so we don’t even try.

What a big goal does is that it challenges you. If there is no way to achieve it, you’ll search for one. You’ll try to ask other people. You’ll try to find the answer.

Chances are, someone’s been able to do it already.

Heck, even Felix Blue might have had small goals compared to what was actually possible. 

Who said he couldn’t have aimed for 365 videos instead of blog posts? What if he actually pursued a job where he received x2 the current salary?

If you’re ever thinking someone has a better life than you, you’re right, they probably have. Not because they objectively have it, but first of all, because they were able to take actions that at least made you think that.

For example, if you’re trying to think big, probably going on social media won’t help. You will see the highlights of other people’s lives and you will either feel discouraged or motivated to get to the same level, which you will probably never do. 

That’s because you will never have ONLY good times, and social media rarely gives you the failures or disappointments that come when you set big goals.

Why do you think I gave as an example Felix Blue and Felix Red?

I’m not going to compare myself with Conor McGregor or Tony Robbins. 

There’s no point in doing that. If you think big you should try to achieve something you set for yourself. You can’t achieve exactly what others have achieved. 

Similar? Yes.

Exactly the same? No.

Would we be reading stories if they all had the same characters, the same plot and the same ending? 

Imagine Hollywood making Titanic all over again, a couple of hundred times, only with different actors. 

(Ok, Titanic diehard fans might welcome that) 

But… you can’t learn different things from the same story. Only if you didn’t pay enough attention the first or second time. 

So, to end this, I will ask the obvious. 

How big do you think your goals are? 🙂 

If there’s anything on your mind, don’t be shy, you have the comment box down below ⇩⇩⇩ Promise I won’t bite ⇩⇩⇩