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How it all started

On 19th of July 2017, after many years, it was the time I decided I would get my debit card out of my wallet and buy what I wanted for a long time.

My own domain, (if you don’t know how to pronounce my name, here’s how)

How much did it cost me? Less than what you’d spend when going for your weekly grocery. It was just $30 for 1 year of hosting and 2 years for my domain name. I did some research before buying as I’m from Eastern Europe and Romania teached me to be frugal, so I was looking for the best price/quality ratio on the market.

After some digging and comparing, namecheap was the solution that was the most appealing. I did some reading and I’ve seen a lot of good reviews about their overall services. I compared them to bigger more well-known companies and it was clear that namecheap was the best solution, at least for me, and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to start their own website using wordpress.

I’m not a technical person, I guess most of us aren’t, so if it’s about coding, I’m out of the discussion. I try to learn new things but I’m not a professional developer and I’ve used wordpress before and had a lot of technical problems because of my limited experience with code. This was the reason I picked a flexible and easy solution for my website and if you’re like me, don’t overthink it, just pick a theme and concentrate on what matters.

It’s not the best looking out there, altough I’m constantly working on it, but that gives me the possibility of concentrating more on great quality content. You can either concentrate on why the header is a little too much to the left, or you can concentrate on what you actually write and try to provide great insight. I prefer to concentrate on the latter.


We all have this excuse of not having enough time, is that true? Well, if that were the case, how come the Kardashians is still on TV? Since I’m not from the US I haven’t watched it even once (you could say I’m lucky) But I am just as guilty of spending so much of my time watching a box and not remembering anything 2 days later, but at the time it was so enjoyable and comfortable.

Want to take a guess at the science of why we watch TV? Well, it’s rewarding. We all love rewards, but it’s just an instant gratification (unless you’re watching those last channels on your TV which actually try to teach you something).

Do you play games? Take a look at your steam or console profile. Wait, Netflix just became a game of watching TV shows, on steroids, count that too. If you have a 3 digit number on a game or you’ve watched a few seasons in a few days, then you know where all the time has run. This is why we should never tell ourselves that we don’t have enough time.

My steam profile says I’ve wasted around 250 hours playing just 3 video games, and I didn’t even finish them. You wouldn’t want to see all my achievements on the good ol’ xbox 360. Although I had fun playing them and will probably give a chance to others in the future as well, there’s a time when you can clearly see the instant gratification monkey in your head and you can put it in a cage, at least sometimes.

Source: waitbutwhy


There are some nights when you are thinking of what you could have said to a person during a conversation, but that is over, why even think about it? We are hanging so many times on the past, because we had something to say, but we didn’t. The reason why this happens is because many times we are afraid to express our feelings, with the fear of hurting the other person, or just not enough confidence in our own opinions. Did you ever have the correct answer to a question the teacher asked in school, but you still didn’t answer because you weren’t sure?

Unfortunately our society doesn’t reward mistakes, and we’re always continuing this vicious cycle of trying to not make mistakes or not doing something unless we know we can do it better than others.

I wouldn’t take my time to write if I wouldn’t be sure that there are people out there who might need some help. I’ve been lazier, I’ve been in bad shape, I’ve been doing a lot of things wrong, but at the same timeI’ve also learned a lot of things, and to the best of my knowledge I’m trying to share my experiences with other people as well.


I don’t copy paste, so everything I write has to go through my mind. You remember the time when your teachers tried to teach you something new? If you didn’t pay attention carefully , didn’t repeat or didn’t do your homework, that new thing clearly wasn’t something you were chatting about while hanging out with your friends.

Repeat after me.

Have you heard this before? We’ve probably all heard. Repetition is the key to mastering anything. Did you know that spaced repetition was the secret to the best seller book Fluent Forever: How to Learn Any Language Fast and Never Forget It?

I did start writing about sporting events, because that’s something I’m comfortable with, since I’ve watched so much during my lifetime. That however is not something that I’m interested in at the moment, I actually watch very little sporting events anymore, since I have better things to do than cheer the hard work of other people. I appreciate it, but I want to do my own work, and improving my skills, my health and be in the best shape, both mentally and physically, are more important.


How was it when you were trying to study something new? Or when you tried to lift a heavier weight? Not easy, was it? Especially when we’re doing something for the first couple of times, it’s a little uncomfortable because we don’t really understand it or can’t do it properly, we’re still trying to figure it out. How the growth happens you might think? The answer is pretty simple.


Hey, wait a second, wasn’t stress bad for your health? Of course, but that’s called chronic stress. When the stress is long lived then you are not doing it right. When the stress is short in duration, it’s actually beneficial, how do you think you’re so effective when you’re so close to the deadline? That’s the effect stress has on us, it makes us more aware and more efficient.

When you lift weights, you put stress on your muscles, otherwise they don’t grow, because they don’t have to. If you’re brain is learning something new, it will have to use some brain power to figure things out, it’s not comfortable for it, but after a while it thanks you for helping it have it easier the next time it faces the same problem. 


I don’t write just for me and I don’t write just for the present moment.

What you are reading right now is not a sports news article that will be put in a trash box as soon as the event is over. This is also a narration of my journey. If I’m going to be helping people with my knowledge in the moment, that’s great, but beside scientific nutrition which will definitely change and advance, there are a lot of subjects I’ll be writing about that are going to be impactful 1, 2 or 10 years from now.

Did you ever hear the expression “oldie but goldie”?

I want to write content that you or me can also look over years from now and still be relevant. Many times we learn something new, but we forget it, we put it aside for the shinier new things that just appear in front of us, we love the novelty. However, we still have movies and books that are almost a century old, but are still considered master pieces. We still quote historical figures which lived hundreds of years ago.

Every piece of content I write, I see it as a new page in my life’s journey book. My future child will have this book and will be able to read it if he wants to. I don’t need vague memories of what I’ve done along the way, I’ll have most of it here, from life lessons, to best practices and many many more.

You can be sure that he’ll need to know how to speed read if he wants to ever finish everything around here.

Final Thoughts

Hope this wasn’t such a boring post to read. This was just my story and a few reasons I think that this was a good time to start my own website. You probably have thought about this too and my reasons might be a slight push to do this yourself. I’ll be always pushing out the idea of doing your own thing, because I like to read some other blogs as well, but at the end of the day I want to make it my show.

You can create an extraordinary life, or you could just create an extraordinary website.

Haha, kidding, I’m just going to finish with an egg pun, because it’s funny, egg jokes always crack me up.

If there’s anything on your mind, don’t be shy, you have the comment box down below ⇩⇩⇩ Promise I won’t bite ⇩⇩⇩