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July, 2016
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Building your life around the approximately 20 triggers of focus

  • None of them are complicated
  • None of them are super sexy
Exposure to something teaches you that thing
If you are not a natural born genius, books are a good way to become smart


  • Everyone who made “tomorrow land” was ferociously devoted
  • You wake up and you know what to do
  • Poverty is a creativity killer many times

You need to find out what you can add to the creative conversation – creating your voice

  • After you get to a higher level, you have to start playing differently
  • Creative desperation will lead to a high flow life

You will have huge boosts along the way to your productivity

Work is going to become play and flow is going to show up

  • Most people only see the highlights and the peaks, but it’s the cumulative outputs that matter
Flow triggers – reproducing it
  • Flow follows focus
  • 20 triggers that drive attention in the present moment
  • We need to pay more attention to the things that we believe in
Risk is a great trigger
  • Novelty + complexity + unpredictability
  • Clear goals is a flow trigger
  • Not concentrating on the end result
  1. Having a list of what TO DO now
  2. Then a clear list of what TO DO next
  • “I know where I’m at, I know what comes next”
  • The moment you get out of the present moment your prefrontal cortex starts to kick back and relax

Peak performers surround themselves with these triggers

Making the same things in order (follow-ups)

  • First, you work
  • Then you move
  • Then you eat
  • Then you multitask
Deliberate practice is not repetition
  • You need to understand the evolutionary theory to better understand the world

What Steven thinks makes someone unmistakable

  • Voice
  • Courage

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