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The Road to UCL Fantasy Glory Begins

The team is at the end of this post..

Here is my thought process of how I picked my team. First of all, this is not the first time I’m playing, it’s actually the second time, first time I had a pretty good run , I had a fantasy superstar in Brahimi, when he was playing for Porto.

I knew 3 THINGS from the start :

#1. Pick Messi or Ronaldo (or both)

#2. Pick cheapest players (to have enough left for the superstars) 

#3. Pick a good tactic.

The 3 Golden Rules of UCL Fantasy

I know that midfielders are very tricky, they can either bring you the most points or they can actually hold you back, since you can also get a below 0 score per player if he doesn’t perform well at all.

Best Way to Start Creating Your Team

First you should take a look over the groups, since it’s easier for players to perform well, if their opponent doesn’t (basic logic). here they are.

Most groups had at least 2 strong teams, with 2 exceptions. Manchester united and Liverpool. They are by far the biggest teams in their groups, although we’ll have to see how Sevilla will play against Liverpool.

That means I will clearly pick at least 1 or 2 players from each team.

OK, now time to look at the power houses. Real Madrid, Bayern and Manchester City. They all have well known and established world class players, which are guaranteed to bring some solid fantasy points.

Since Barcelona and Juventus are in the same group, it’s hard to predict which one will bring its A game, so I’ll skip both teams players, especially for this first match-up day.

One thing that is important to know, is that strikers usually can bring you the most points in a match day since goals are so important.

Now, my tactic is a 5-2-3. 


Because I trust my defenders more than my midfielders.

Here are my choices for each position 

#1 Goalkeeper: David de Gea (Manchester United)

No, he is not better than Neuer,but united have an easier group and I think de Gea can get more clean sheets than neuer in these 6 group stage matches

#2 Goalkeeper: Alphonse Areola (PSG)

I picked him because he was cheap and most people seemed to have picked him, so why not? In case de Gea doesn’t perform well, I have a good backup.

#3 Defender: Mats Hummels (Bayern Munchen)

He is one of my favorite players and even though my favorite team is bayern, I am a big fan from when he was playing for dortmund. His playing style and leadership abilities among others are hard to match and there’s a reason why he is considered one of the best defenders in the world.

#4 Defender: Sergio Ramos (Real Madrid)

Real Madrid can keep the clean sheets and Sergio Ramos can also score. One of the no brainer picks from all the team.

#5 Defender: Dani Alves (PSG)

PSG has a good group, except those bayern munchen matches, but even 4 good performances from Dani alves should be enough. I am confident they can play defence as well as they can offense with their recent attacking prowess.

#6 Defender: Marcos Alonso (Chelsea)

Chelsea is a solid team, they are the current Premier league champions after all and although I haven’t really seen them play recently , or better said I haven’t seen m. Alonso play , I am confident that most people who picked him have an idea of how good he is.

#7 Defender: Danilo (Manchester City)

City has easy matches on paper and Danilo has been brought to city for a large amount of money. That means he should play and I suppose he will do it well, after all he has to step up to guardiolas expectations.

#8 Midfielder: Marco Asensio (Real Madrid)

He is the number one picked midfielder. I am not sure if he will even play since real is such a star studded team but I took a gamble with him seeing so many people believe in his abilities.

#9 Midfielder: N’Golo Kante (Chelsea)

Kante is a world class player. For that cheap price I would buy him twice. I also believe Chelsea will look good by the end of the group stages and kante along m. Alonso will definitely be one of the reasons why.

#10 Midfielder: Eduardo Salvio (Benfica)

Salvio had a great ucl (fantasy) season last year, and benfica is one of those teams that who never know what they’re capable off, at least for now, when they don’t face each match a team like bayern, real or Juventus. 

#11 Midfielder: Emre Can (Liverpool)

As I said, Liverpool look like the best team in their group, so there’s a strong case to make for having one of their players. I wasn’t sure about the quality of their defending or scoring power but I was sure Can can play for more than 60 minutes and do the work in the midfield.

#12 Midfielder: Felix Gotze (Bayern Munchen)

You know why I picked him, and the rest of the fantasy community as well. This is not Mario Gotze, but felix Gotze, his brother. He will probably not play but damn, look at that price, you can’t ignore it.

#13 Forward: Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid)

The best player in the world. The most expensive transfer at one time. The highest paid football player in the world. The highest goal scorer in real Madrid history. The list could go on and on with all of his records, achievements and accomplishments, but there’s no need. 

We all know how good and how motivated Cristiano Ronaldo is. It’s almost a guarantee he will bring in valuable points and be worth his price tag.

#14 Forward: Neymar (PSG)

The current record breaking transfer fee holder. With all the hype, I have a guarantee he will play all the matches in the group and will try to prove he is worth the price the French have spent on him. 

His abilities have been questioned from the day he was playing at Santos. Can he do it in Europe where the competition is better? He proved everyone he can, by forming one of the deadliest attacking trios of all time at Barcelona together with Messi and Suarez.

Now it’s his time to shine, no more Messi to hold him back. It’s the time to show if he can be the next golden ball winner because PSG have a strong cast to help him do just that. I am confident he will show us his strong finishing skills in these group matches and score enough goals. 

#15 Forward: Gabriel Jesus (Manchester City)

I picked him because I know he’s good, I know he’s already proven it aaaaand, he’s cheap. Bottom line is that City has an easy group and someone should score for them and since aguero is pricier, he is the second  choice. 

Captain of the Squad: Cristiano Ronaldo

Usually I pick either the goalkeeper if I am sure he will not concede a goal, but most of the time I go with a striker. Now who could score the most goals? Maybe last seasons top scorer, who is also the best player in the world? I guess you know who I am talking about.


So I actually made a few changes just before the first matchday fixtures. My main reason was that I read a little more and found out that Alexander – Arnold from Liverpool will play, because Clyne is suffering a longer injury. And I already knew Liverpool had a good group, or so it seemed. 

Here are the changes I made:

#16 Defender: Marcelo (Real Madrid)

Both are Brazilian, both are world class defenders, they have both played at Real Madrid, but the difference is Marcelo is still playing for the champions league winners. I am not sure how Guardiola rotates his team and since I wanted a formation with 5 defenders, I couldn’t afford having one player not play at all. 

#17 Defender: Trent Alexander-Arnold (Liverpool)

The Spaniard was very expensive as it was. 6.5 is a big price and that left me some room for other changes in the team. Pretty confident Arnold can rack up some clean sheets, although Liverpool’s defense will not be the most efficient, with some hard premier league competition in between the UCL matches.

#18 Midfielder: Nemanja Matic (Manchester United)

Real Madrid has a lot of stars and the midfield is very problematic because they play with 3 man forward in Benzema, Bale and Cristiano Ronaldo. The defense is made out of 4 players. That leaves the center of the field up for grabs for players like Casemiro, Isco, Asensio, Modric and Kroos, but we all know the later 2 are almost impossible to get out of the team unless they have a problem, as they are at the peak of their careers. 

Midfielders usually perform worse than defenders or attackers because of the point system. That means it’s better not to spend too much on them and with Matic I am pretty sure he will play, since he came to united as a premier league champion.

#19 Midfielder: Raoul Petretta (Basel)

I know Gotze will not play but I have no idea about Petretta, so u just switched a 4mil€ for another 4mil€. Good deal.

#20 Forward: Robert Lewandoski (Bayern Munchen)

I am very proud of this transfer. Jesus is clearly going to play, at least for now when City is just starting out. But I doubt he’ll play 90 minutes with what type of players are waiting on the bench. I might be wrong since I didn’t check what happened in the last couple of matches for City but one thing I know for sure.


He is called like that for a reason. My favorite team is Bayern so I am well aware of his prowess and I don’t see any of his skills getting worse, it may actually get better since I feel he has the motivation to show how good he is and actually score the most goals in this UCL season.

Final UCL Fantasy Squad


Hope this wasn’t such a boring post to read. This was just my story and a few reasons I think that this was a good time to start my own website. You probably have thought about this too and my reasons might be a slight push to do this yourself. I’ll be always pushing out the idea of doing your own thing, because I like to read some other blogs as well, but at the end of the day I want to make it my show.

You can create an extraordinary life, or you could just create an extraordinary website.

Haha, kidding, I’m just going to finish with an egg pun, because it’s funny, egg jokes always crack me up.

If there’s anything on your mind, don’t be shy, you have the comment box down below ⇩⇩⇩ Promise I won’t bite ⇩⇩⇩