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So it’s that time of the year again, when you have to pick your UCL fantasy team for the upcoming UCL season.

You can see the entire team at the end of this post, but you will also see each player and why I picked them during this post.

As I also mentioned in my last blog post, from 2 years ago, there are 3 golden rules that you need to take care of.

The 3 golden rules are:

#1 Pick Lewandoski or Aguero (because they have easy groups)

#2 Pick cheapest players (to have enough space left for big players)

#3 Pick a good tactic (hint: not too many midfielders)

Best Way to Start Creating Your Team

First, you have to look over the UCL groups and see which team has an easy group and which has more difficult groups.

The reason is that it’s much easier to perform well in an easy group, and you can already start thinking which team will receive less goals and which team will score more.

That is the easiest way to notice which defenders will perform best.

For midfielders, it’s better to avoid having too many as their performance is not consistent. Unlike defenders, they don’t get points for a clean sheet and they also score less than strikers.

And now, coming back to strikers, they are actually one of the most important players, because a goal is still the most effective way to gain points.

So, let’s have a look over the UCL groups of 2019-2020. 

Hard Groups vs Easy Groups

As you can see, some groups are easy for the big teams, such as Bayern and Tottenham or PSG and Real Madrid, while other groups are harder to predict, such as the group F or H.

This means that we can easily pick some players from these 4 teams, although we must also remember that they will have to play each other at one point.

Since, 4/6 matches will be against easier opponents for teams such as Bayern or Real Madrid, we can already start to think what players we could pick in order to maximize how many points we can get.

Picking UCL Fantasy Tactic + Team

As I was saying, it’s important to remember that defenders and forwards will bring you the most points, and that’s because it’s easier to predict which team will have more clean sheets or which forwards will have easier opponents and score more. 

After having a look at my budget I decided to go with a 5-3-2 tactic.


Because I usually trust my defenders and because forwards were quite expensive so it’s difficult to afford more than 2 really good ones.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t have 3 really good forwards and only 4 defenders.

So without further ado.

Here are my choices for each position 

#1 Goalkeeper: Ederson – (Manchester City)

This pick is based on the quality of football that Manchester City plays and the fact that they have a solid team that shouldn’t have much problems in their group. If Ederson plays all the games, he should have most of his matches as clean sheets.

#2 Goalkeeper: Kepa Arrizabalaga (Chelsea)

Kepa might not necessarily be the best option as I haven’t watched football as much in the past decade, but after looking at Chelsea’s group, I’m confident they can get away with some clean sheets.

#3 Defender: Niklas Süle (Bayern Munchen)

Sule has a great value considering that Bayern have one of the easier groups. For 5 million and for being a first team player, he should bring more than enough points during the group stages.

#4 Defender: Jerome Boateng (Bayern Munchen)

Sule’s partner, Boateng, is here as well. Since I am confident that Bayern’s defensive should be solid during the group stage, both of them would bring in valuable points.

#5 Defender: Nicolas Tagliafico (Ajax)

Tagliafico is one of the more popular players because as you can see, he was selected by 21% of the players in the UCL fantasy game. He did an amazing job last season and even though I don’t expect him to get as many points this season, considering Ajax’s group, he might be able to snatch a few good points.

#6 Defender: Leonardo Bonucci (Juventus)

Initially, I thought of picking Diego Godin from Internazionale, but after having a closer look at the opponents, I believe Leonardo Bonucci should have an easier time getting additional clean sheets, even though the 1st match won’t be easy.

#7 Defender: Oleksandr Zinchenko (Manchester City)

Considering I picked Ederson as well, it shouldn’t be a surprise that I’m confident in Manchester City having a good UCL fantasy run.

#8 Midfielder: James Milner (Liverpool)

This Midfielder spot was a little tricky because I wasn’t sure who didn’t cost too much but also had the potential to bring solid points ot the table. After some research, I would say that James Milner should be a safe option.

#9 Midfielder: Mohamed Salah (Liverpool)

I was surprised to see Salah as a midfielder. I always thought that he’s a striker, but it seems like UCL fantasy wants to give us some additional options for players that can score and are NOT forwards. Safet to say that I believe it’s one of the best possible options for your team.

#10 Midfielder: Sadio Mane (Liverpool)

Salah and Mane are a duo that you just can’t ignore. Both of them are listed as midfielders, and if you consider their points from last season, it’s safe to say that you probably won’t see any other “Midfielders” with such a high score.

#11 Midfielder: Lucas Tousart (Lyon)

As you can see, Lucas was selected by 25% of the players in the UCL fantasy game. This is a good indicator that you should probably think of getting him as well. The upside is that he is very cheap and he will probably be one of the first team players anyway.

#12 Midfielder: Frenkie de Jong (Barcelona)

The most selected Midfielder in the game. I’m not sure if it’s because of his price, of his reputation or because he is guaranteed to play most matches. I’m not sure if he will necessarily bring a lot of points but I’m confident that he is a safe option for this price.

#13 Forward: Robert Lewandowski (Bayern Munchen)

As you’ve seen, I’ve selected 2 players from Bayern already, and the truth is that I’ve also picked Joshua Kimmich initially. However, after I got to picking the Forwards, I couldn’t pick Lewandoski anymore, because you can only have a max of 3 players from a single team.

After seeing that, I had to cut Kimmich out of the team and select Lewandowski, because it’s almost guaranteed that he might score around 3-4 goals easily, considering Bayern’s group opponents. 

#14 Forward: Sergio Aguero (Manchester City)

Not a surprise, right? After picking 3 players from Bayern Munchen, I’ve also picked 3 players from Manchester City. That’s because both of them seem to be the favorites in their group and him with Lewandoski are one of the best options if you’re thinking of creating a solid attack duo.

Are they the best 2 forwards? Probably not. We also have Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, Mbappe or Messi, however, their groups are slightly more difficult so it’s not as much of a guarantee in my opinion.

#15 Forward: Loic Mbe Soh (PSG)

You might know him or you may not. The truth is that I didn’t know him either, but the truth is that he was picked by 8% of the entire fantasy players due to 1 reason.

He’s the cheapest striker you can find.

He probably won’t play but if you have a solid team, he’s a good team to increase the overall value of the players that you believe can actually bring you massive points.

The Captain of Your Squad

Your best bet when picking your captain is to select either:

  1. Your striker with the easiest opponent
  2. The defender or goalkeeper you predict will have a clean sheet

Considering the first matches, I’ll go with Lewandowski for the 1st match, as Bayern Munchen have an easy opponent right now.

Final UCL Fantasy Squad

Now, we’ve finally gone over the entire process.

Your (or my) UCL fantasy squad for the 2019-2020 season should be ready by now.

All these tips and tricks covered the most important things that you should know.

There’s no perfect way to create your UEFA Champions League fantasy team, but as you can see, there are some best practices in order to maximize the potential of your team.

So, to finalize this process, at the end of this post I’ll show you my entire team – reminding you that you need to use all your players that are active on Tueday.

It’s important to use all your players that play on Tuesday first because you can also subtitute them before the matches on Wednesday, in case you’re not happy with the performance of your Tueday team.

Now, go make your team and if you would like to share anything, let me know in the comment section down below.