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It was the summer of 2005 when I visited for the 2nd time (and last time) my mother in Spain. She’s been living there from when I was a kid, almost 20 years ago.

We all know Spain is an exotic country, which is a great place for taking some time off, relaxing, recharging and just changing your environment.

I’m not big on traveling , since I don’t really like to travel unless it’s with specific people, which are just a few, and most I’ve probably not even met yet.

This time however, I wasn’t going alone.19-24 September seemed like perfect timing for a cheap and not so hot vacation. I bought the tickets for my girlfriend and bought just the 24th ticket for me, in case I wanted to actually go earlier.

As it always happens however, it doesn’t play out as planned. I bought the tickets from June and later in the summer, on August to be more precise, I found out that there’s something taking place exactly in that time-frame.

It was my college master enrolling /registration interview.

It was taking place between 22-23 September. Could it be worse? Exactly in the middle of my mini-vacation and it wasn’t even known exactly on which day the interview would take place. I wasn’t going to let this ruin my once in a year mini-vacation with my gf.

I wanted to skip the masters degree all together.

After a few days of thinking, I found the solution.

1. Go to Spain.

2. Think quality > quantity.

3. Come back right before interview.


It was clear I had to cancel the 24th of September comeback flight (the only one I bought for myself) . I did just that. Contacted Blueair through email, they were nice enough, but since the ticket was 50€ and there was a cost of 40€ if you wanted to change the date, I just looked for a new one.

Found another 50€ ticket for the 21st. That meant I was going to spend just 2 full days with both my mom and girlfriend (fortunately the flight back on 21 was at night). You can imagine I wasn’t happy with just those 2 days but that was the most I could do.

Everything was going well, except the fact that I didn’t know when to actually leave from Romania. I looked over the calendar, I looked over flights, but there was a problem.

Everything was too expensive.

It was August so it wasn’t a surprise. I had to think hard of what would be a cheap and still effective way of arriving in Spain before the 19th of September.Blueair and Wizz air didn’t offer me anything viable. Then I remembered one thing.

Bucharest – Milano is cheap.

Maybe Milano to Spain would be as well?

I looked over, unfortunately, I couldn’t find any date that would let me go from Bucharest to Milano and then to Valencia on the same day, without having to sleep in the airport, which would just be added stress. I was taking this vacation exactly for the opposite reason.

The problem was I wasn’t connecting the dots good enough. It wasn’t a Wednesday, it wasn’t 3 weeks before the flight, obviously not the best time to be looking at flights. I waited a few more days and it was there.

The perfect timing

It was on the 12th of September when all stars aligned. It was a Wednesday or Thursday of August, almost one month before the flight when I found the best timing for myself.

Bucharest – Milano – 9:55 departure

Milano – Valencia – 19:25 departure

Both were under 30€. I had to stay in the airport a few hours but I knew that was a great time to actually write this blog post (which I’m doing right now).

Here is a picture I posted on social media just a few minutes before the plain began the flight to Milano.

Bucharest – Milano Flight Departure

What next?

Milano Bergamo – Valencia after a few hours in the airport.

Milano – Valencia Flight Departure

Finally arrived in Valencia.

Next: Valencia – Castellon.

Fortunately, an aunt came with a friend and his daughter at the airport, and we went to Castellon. It took approximately 40-45 minutes due to low traffic, which was great. Here’s a short video while in the car.

End of Part 1 of my trip to Spain.

Part 2 on the way.

If there’s anything on your mind, don’t be shy, you have the comment box down below ⇩⇩⇩ Promise I won’t bite ⇩⇩⇩