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May 25, 2018
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*** Tim’s questions are colored blue

How did Bumble come to be?
  • Not a singular “aha” moment
  • Andrey Andreev convinced her to join a dating app
  • The name Bumble was used since Moxi was already trademarked
  • By having the woman take the first step you remove one of the pain points, which is women receiving 500 unwanted messages and even if prince charming is hiding somewhere, it’s too much noise
  • If you don’t deal with anxiety it will take over your life
  • “just do good work” – shifting your focus
  • Asking the team about mood every day
  • Keeping everyone on a commonality thread (reading a specific book in the whole company)

Everything you put in your body is your health

  • You are what you eat
What purchase of 100$ or less has most impacted your life?
  • Coconut oil
  • Journal

Taking notes is therapeutic

  • It’s fascinating to see how the human mind tends to forget
Tim Ferriss was an exchange student in Japan at 15 years old
  • Had phone calls with his mom and she was taking notes to give to Tim later
Keiretsu – buying a company that can help another from your portfolio
  • Knowledge that can be transferred from one to another
  • Increases the efficiency and decreases the heavy lifting
  • Feeling good about a founder is not good enough to invest, but feeling off is a really good reason not to invest
  • Best investment was in her team
  • Your first 10 hires are your culture warriors
The most expensive currency in the world is experience


  • Amanda Palmer – how to ask for help

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