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FEBRUARY 28, 2018
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  • Five bullet Friday (the newsletter) “it’s free, it will always be free” 

Top health markers to watch

    • Family history to see which issues occur the most 
    • Taking care of those ones first
  • Petter Attia – for evidence-based information 

Performance vs longevity, it’s a trade-off in many cases 


    • APOI genotype 
    • Ldl particle number 
    • LPA
    • OGTT – oral glucose tolerance test
    • IGF1 – insulin-like growth factor 1

Intermittent fasting, Tim does it around 3 days a month – a way to try to prevent cancer

Managing all the contacts 

  • Tim doesn’t have a software for this
  • Trying to know 1-2 people who are very strong in each given field, and through those people getting to anyone else 
  • Focusing on just in time introductions, not just in case contacts 
  • Just in time information – finding the information that you need at the right time 

Minimizing binge eating during periods of stress 

  • The first rule is to eliminate from the home anything that you would binge on 

Systems trump willpower 

Getting your breakfast right 

    • 30g of protein 
    • Eggs + spinach + beans 
    • Protein + fiber will help a lot 

Changing breakfast is a lead domino 

Plans after releasing the book Tribe of Mentors 

  • Creating space to listen by saying NO to 1000 things 
  • Increasing the level of perception 

EDC – every day carry 

  • Not much nowadays since in Texas 

Most valuable skills for financial freedom and being better with money

  • The best advice is heavily personalized 
  • A good quality investment is the one that improves your quality of life 
  • The number 1 skill would be capping downside 
  • Having an unfair advantage wherever you are “playing”

Having vs not having children 

Routine is a sign of ambition in an intelligent men

Without routines, each day is an unwritten script you have to start rewriting over and over again and also perform it

Reframing routines as staples that you can build around 

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