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MARCH 12, 2018
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*** Tim’s questions are colored blue

Austin – Shangai of Texas 

When is the last time that you cried tears of joy? 
  • Not too long ago 
  • It’s not the external success 
  • It’s sitting in a moment and enjoying it
What did you think you want to become when you were 16?
  • Public speaker or book writer 
  • Failed at everything that wasn’t part of his journey 
  • No matter your circumstances, if you do the work to uncover the wounds (accept that they exist), that you are not only doing it for yourself but you can then in turn help other people 

As soon as you realise that you have little regard for yourself, if you can then learn a toolkit, A B and C and then share with other people, that can be enough to motivate you 

From 12 to 32, when was the MOMENT when you were like “wow”, I am successful?

  • when buying a house


When Tim first went to the Joe Rogan podcast was offered a “24” ounce bulletproof coffee, brain octane and POT

How did you meet Joe Rogan? 
  • Was at UFC events in the beginning 
  • Approached Joe when he just started the podcast and had no advertisements
Do you have any particular “failure” that later ended up setting the stage for success later? 
  • Every single failure was helpful
What tools have you found helpful for being aware? 
  • Extatic dance 
  • Creating separation between the consciousness mind and body 

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone” 

  • Having principles and knowing what happens when you do a specific thing 
  • BOOK “own the day ” 
  • “when in doubt, 6 breaths” – for relaxing 

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