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April 27, 2018
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*** Tim’s questions are colored blue

Is it true that you played music to have another income beside writing? 
  • $20 /hour while playing guitar in the subway, even better paid than writing 
  • Best times were during the commute and 9 pm at night 
  • Once you get a spot, you have that spot 
Why did you choose writing full time instead of music? 
  • As a musician, he could see the end to it, the max 
  • What would the life as a musician be like VS the life as a writer 
  • Getting kidnapped 
  • He turned to his life experiences to write stories about them 
  • Became an editor of the Washington monthly 
How did you pitch the Washington monthly? 
  • Cold query 
What makes a good pitch, what are the ingredients? 
  • Wired had a 1-6 rating for pitches 
  • Giving ideas 
  • Why am I the person to do this? 
  • Understanding what the magazine was trying to do in that specific section? 
  • Having characters 
  • Having a story to imagine 
  • Having an emotional connection 

Constraints lead to better work in general 

  • Having scenes and visual moments for wired stories 
  • Chronology has to be taken into account 
  • Negotiating deals in such a way that you are not just being sold on false promises 
What’s the process of paying someone who does a long-form type of content? 
  • How many visitors and ads you get? 
  • How much you generate per 1k people (taking into account ad blockers) 
  • Making money on subscriptions 
  • Thinking if there is any other type of revenue stream
  • $1-$2 / word a good range 
How does one edit these incredible writers with 10k words articles? 
  • It totally differs 
  • Giving them advice on where the structure lacks something 
Do you become a writer first before becoming an editor? 
  • Finding and reading aloud pieces of content of good writers 
Great content 
  • Catherine Voo
  • John McFee 
  • Wired features 
  • Draft nr 4 by John McFee 
  • Levels of the game by John McFee 
  • Map a story 
What was the headline of the people starting over in the digital world? Or how might people find it? 
  • Type in Google “wired vanish” OR Evan Ratliff 
Do you still run to and from work? 
  • Was a runner in high school and college 
  • It’s important for all types of reasons 
  • It’s nice to have 2 little brakes in the day when running 
IF you’re open to talk about it, you mentioned you had a period when you got very sick which I don’t know anything about, could you tell us more…? 
  • Had thyroid cancer – however it’s the least dangerous kind 
  • Had a couple of surgeries and radiation treatments 
  • Found out a couple of weeks after a marathon while doing a regular checkup 
  • Your expectations in life become totally different at that point 
Could you tell us about a time when you felt overwhelmed? 
  • The first 6-7 years of professional career were not the best 
  • Got rejected a minimum of 20 times until when he graduated 
  • He applied to law school because he wanted to change his career path 
How did wired find you? 
  • He edited a piece of content of a person who he then became friends with – Brandon 
  • They both got hired to America foundation 
  • After that his friend got to wired and recommended him 
  • They both were helpful to each other 
What books have you given to other people, beside your own? 
  • Why Buddhism is true 
  • Strangers drowning – story of people who make extraordinary moral choices 
In the last few years, what behavior or belief has most improved or positive impacted your life. 
  • Having kids 
  • Thinking about how the choices he made will be viewed by them when they’re older 

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