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November 27, 2018
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*** Tim’s questions are colored blue and bolded

What does Mike do to help LeBron prevent injury and recover between games? Are there any exercises he feels are crucial for injury prevention — or should be avoided as too risky?

Recovery never ends – it never stops

  • LeBron tells his trainer how he felt after each game
  • Nutrition after game is among the most important
  • Ice-bath and cryotherapy

To what self-care does LeBron attribute his career longevity?

  • Consistent with the process
  • Having a clean body

Are there any particular leaders LeBron admires or looks to and studies? When did he begin leading? 

  • LeBron had to do it from a young age
  • Learned on the fly, especially from people around him
  • Martin Luther King Jr.

How has LeBron’s mother affected the way he thinks about parenting or being a father?

  • LeBron fell in love with the process

What significance does Theodore Roosevelt’s quote about “The Man in the Arena” have for LeBron?

  • That quote hit home for him
  • The more you listen to something, the more you believe it

What is Mike’s policy toward sleep as part of the recovery process — or just daily life for anyone from professional athletes to businesspeople?

  • The body heals while we sleep

How does LeBron optimize his environment to get a good night’s sleep?

  • Being accountable and creating a proper environment
    • good temperature
    • room completely dark
    • turning off all electronics 45 mins before going to sleep

What sleep app does LeBron recommend? 

  • CALM sleeping app – Rain on Leaves

What has become most important to LeBron from a health or wellness perspective as he’s become older and more seasoned?

  • Sleep

After experimenting with different diets over the years, what does LeBron’s food intake look like on a typical day currently?

  • Breakfast: Egg white omelette with smoked salmon + gluten free pancakes with berries
  • Lunch: wholewheat pasta + salmon + vegetables
  • Before game: Peanut butter + Jelly sandwich
  • Half-time: slice of apple + almond butter on top
  • Post-game: Protein Shake
  • Dinner: Chicken + salad + wine

What are some of LeBron’s favorite wines? 

  • Huge Bordeaux fans

Food and drink that LeBron and Mike avoid. 

  • Artificial drinks and sugars
  • Fried foods

What does Mike put in LeBron’s post game protein shakes? 

  • Plant based protein powder
  • Clean protein

LeBron’s self-talk in preparation for a big game — or after a hard loss. 

  • Doing same things on GAME DAY
  • Thinking of GamePlan
  • What he has to do for HIM and for Team-mates
  • After game replaying the game
    • what did they do
    • What did they NOT do
    • what could’ve been done

How does LeBron most effectively lead his team when things go sideways and frustration is rampant? 

  • Patience – the most important
  • You have to talk with everyone DIFFERENTLY

What’s in LeBron’s pregame playlist?

  • Hip-Hop

LeBron explains the meaning behind two of his tattoos.

  • Loyalty – sticking together no matter what

How does Mike support his athletes when they’re going through a difficult time — whether it’s an injury, an unexpected setback, psychologically having trouble contending with someone that has happened — on or off the court?

  • Remain consistent through the ups and downs

How do Mike and LeBron’s priorities change during the offseason?

  • Being smart about the volume of training

What are LeBron’s favorite exercises or forms of physical recreation in the offseason? What might these workouts look like?

  • Running on the football field

What lessons has Mike learned about working with high caliber athletes from legendary trainer Tim Grover?

  • It’s all about how to approach it mentally and being consistent

LeBron and Mike tell us about their new business venture: Ladder.

  • To make sure every supplement is clean

With the staggering number of business pitches LeBron gets every week, what makes Ladder important to him?

  • Making sure everything is clean and he can continue to do authentic things

How many more years would LeBron like to play basketball?

  • Playing with his son

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