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April 4, 2018
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*** Tim’s questions are colored blue


Did you have any role models of people who were models and then had other types of success? 
  • Cindy Crawford 
Which books you have gifted the most? 
  • Klose prefers podcasts and audiobook 
  • Learns better by listening 
  • The Four Agreements BOOK 
Kode with Kloe – 2 weeks in the summer of FREE learning for young girls 
  • Tim always thought that his voice is not a strong point 
  • Learning anything NEW gives you a NEW LENS to look at the world 
Failure that set you up for success? 
  • Body standards as a teenager was a challenge, because of modeling 
  • Headspace for meditation 
Morning routine 
  • Burpees because they are so uncomfortable but efficient
  • There’s always a way to workout 
  • Physical movement is a pattern in most successful people 
  • Tim has checkboxes at the bottom right corner of his NOTES (next steps to follow – domino) 
Not asking what do I need to do next, but who do I need to talk to next?
– Tim Ferriss
If you could put anything on a billboard, what would you put?
  • Did you do your best?
Questions Kloe asks herself
  • Did I do my best? 
  • Am I present? 

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