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March 8, 2018
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*** Tim’s questions are colored blue


What is your first memory of causing trouble or getting into trouble? 
  • 2nd grade when he started drawing and selling ninja turtles drawings to his classmates until the professor didn’t let him do it anymore 
  • Spotting the opportunity 
  • His “first brush with regulation” 
Where were you when all of this started? 

Where did the impulse of selling the drawings come from? 


What were some defining characteristics of your childhood? 
  • There was a spirit of trying things out 
  • Date with destiny (Tony Robbins) – “date with death” – because it’s such a long and challenging event 
  • Tim Ferriss prepared with food and snacks for the Tony Robbins event and Joe’s dad had every thing arranged nicely in the next morning
  • Tennis was a big part of his life 
  • His parents understood how to handle Joe’s interests the hard way 
  • He took violin when he was a child, but when his parents have seen that he doesn’t like it, they looked into pushing him toward what he gravitated
What other entrepreneurial experiences do you recall, from elementary school or high school, after the teenage mutant ninja turtles event? 
  • Mawing lawn for $20
  • He redesigned his high school senior T-Shirts by learning Photoshop and printing 300 shirts 
What did you want to do when you grow up? 
  • He was advised to go to art school 
  • Did a memorable prank during high school and got in trouble because of it, but everyone took notice and knew about the “incident”
Could you give me any cues that would lead to a fun discussion? 
  • NBA
  • He was a ball boy for the Atlanta Hawks 
Could you please tell me what a ballboy does? 
  • You do different things depending on your tier 
  • Story about spilling Gatorade over Michael Jordan 
  • Tim mentions how these situations got Joe comfortable with the uncomfortable 
  • Exploring these stories to see what modeled/developed/lead to the present 
  • “If I can figure this out, what else can I figure out”

Setting new limits for yourself

  • Having people who are better than you and challenge you 
How much was the environment vs the medium? 
  • The environment was more important because of the exposure and challenge of being surrounded by other creatives 
  • “There’s got to be a better way” 
  • “what haven’t I thought of yet?” 
  • SW2 + WC = MO (sales equation for whenever you introduce a new idea in the world, and how to move past rejection) 
  • SW2 – some will, some won’t 
  • WC – who cares 
  • MO – move on 
  • Having a lot of practice pitching
  • He figured out a 5 step sales process for his CritBuns
  1. What the hell is that 
  2. Touch and feel phase 
  3. Story phase (on the back) 
  4. Looking around because they want to try it out (demo chair nearby) 
  5. Customers telling other people “the story” that sells the item to the next customer 

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