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MARCH 5, 2018
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Bitter is usually an indication of something that helps liver detoxification 

  • Jack had a direct effect on Tim’s life 
  • Jack likes the feeling of flying 
  • 72 years old right now 
  • His dad was either Jakelin or Hyde 
  • Started his meditation journey with LSD 
  • His master said “I hope you’re not afraid to suffer” 

My mind is like a bad neighborhood, I try not to go there alone 

  • “Hatred never ceases by hatred but by love alone, it’s healed, this is the ancient and eternal law” 
Deep inner work vs living in the world 
  • Yes, no and both 

The task that hinders your task, is your task 

  • Distinguishing compassion from empathy 
  • Empathy is when you see a kid getting bullied and you feel bad
  • Compassion is a step further than empathy because you do something about it, tell someone or take action yourself 

“This is the judging mind, thank you but I don’t need you right now” 

  • Think of one person you care about and think about their struggles – this tenderizes your mind
  • When you repeat the simple intentions it’s like your cells are listening to them 
  • Every sport championship team had a meditation coach 

“Last year a foolish monk, this year, no change “

  • Anger is energy, there is nothing wrong with energy. However, respect it and modulate it.

Practical tip:

  • Think of a wise person, and imagine that person helping you to manage your negative energy.
  • That person looks at you and smiles. Then that person says “Yeah, this is the big energy”
  • They appreciate you, they acknowledge the power you have 
  • After reaching under their robe, they pull out a GIFT, which is a clear symbol of exactly what you need in that moment, to regulate it and not do any harm
  • Picture the gift they put in your hand

  • Tim: the person that came to his mind is the creator of Judo, Jigorō Kanō
    • Item: a pyramid with straight edges, a little too big to hold in your palm that is blue, like a mixture of pure sky blue and a bit of electric blue mixed in, and there’s like a smoky vapor that is floating inside of the glass pyramid
      • The blue pyramid is a stable structure and for Tim it represents POWER
      • The blue is a cooling color (the counter to the color red)
  • Imagining that you are inside that item, with its energy and seeing how it affects you
  • In the end, imagining that the wise person puts a hand on your shoulder and he has a few words of advice of how to handle this powerful energy that comes into you (because he knows all about it) and whispers kindly in your ear something that can help you
    • Tim hears the following statements:

“if you work hard, you will achieve (your target)”

“the most efficient use of energy”

  • The next 5 times that you need to do this, try the exercise
  • We have the wisdom that we need in our head and heart, but we need the training.
  • You can cut all the flowers but you can’t stop the spring from coming 
  • Question to ask yourself:
    • How could I learn to love myself better?

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