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FEBRUARY 20, 2018
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Treatment of addiction 

  • He was raised in Hungary 
  • We constantly relive the past by having defense mechanisms from our childhood 
    • From a perspective that we acquired when we were vulnerable children 

If someone taps you on the shoulder you don’t feel any pain, however, if you had no shirt or even had a burn, how would that feel

  • Sensitivity magnifies the pain that we have 
  • Sensitivity also leads to more creativity 
  • Very often, the most creative people have the most pain 

Many escape pain through addiction 

  • Tim mentions the feeling of being  outwardly successful, inwardly tortured 

How we see the world determines the world that we live in 

  • Before we create our worlds with our minds, the world created our minds 
  • Gabor became a doctor in part because of his grandfather dying 
  • Doctors have authority and this was one of the reasons it was appealing since he lacked it early in life 

Addiction is the attempt to solve a problem 

  • The problem is usually a childhood trauma 
  • DepressionDEPRESS – to push down 


  • Don’t ask why the addiction 
    • Ask why the pain 

Mammals are creatures of attachment, otherwise, we wouldn’t survive 

  • Endorphins help to facilitate attachment 
  • One more need is authenticity 
    • Being connected to ourselves 

To survive in the wild, we need our gut feeling 

  • If authenticity hurts the attachment, we suppress our authenticity 
  • Elvis Presley “any way you want me, that is how I will be” – a love song that is actually a sad song 
    • That came from Elvis’s suffering 

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