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March 29, 2018
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*** Questions addressed to Tim are colored blue

Having Jocko Willink in your life has made you more disciplined? 
  • Knowing that Jocko exists in the universe, makes Tim feel like he has a strict guardian angel who will give a pat on the back, but more often a kick in the ass to actually DO what needs to be done 

Do I choose the stairs or the elevator when deciding to move to another table in life? (small or big decision)

  • Making decisions that reflect the characteristic that you want to develop
  • You have to take decisions that are in tune with exactly what you want to achieve

What stages of higher perception can we cultivate through training? 

  • Whenever you make subconscious decisions conscious, it changes your perception 
  • We can see through Intermittent Fasting how we start to appreciate our food more when we abstain from it for some time
  • When you remove a compulsive behavior as  an option (which is a tool of procrastination), your gains will be x3 – x4 
  • Observing the impulses and resistance that surfaces can be beneficial
  • Any given activity is a cognitive load, an interruptive thought

You can operate at a higher level at all your activities when your signal to noise ratio improves, by abstaining from different things that take away your attention

  • You can see if you’re addicted to something by trying to go without it

When would you recommend psychedelics?

  • not legal, so rather recommending holotropic breathwork
  • psychedelics are one tool in the toolkit for creating a non-ordinary state of consciousness that can provide insights, realizations, and reprogramming  that can then be applied to different domains of human experience
  • when you start to layer these things on top of another, you see better results, taking 1 unit of meditation, taking 1 unit of holotropic breathwork, taking 1 unit of sauna or ice bath and instead of 3, you get a 5, 6 or 7

What contributed to the on-going success of teaching other people just like you?

  • Tim increases the likelihood of success by doing one thing very reliably – trying to support and create product/chapters that scratch his own itch 
  • if it grabs your attention, it should grab the attention of at least another 10k people around the world that talk English 
  • Avoiding big failures by doing small tests and having small failures

How do you determine if something is working or not? If you should continue doing it?

  • checking out how much is ORGANIC growth vs artificial growth
  • Richard Feynman “rule number 1 is to not fool yourself, and the easiest person to fool is yourself”
  • Not looking at View Count, but at Comments. What is the engagement?
  • Looking at people who LOVE IT, not people who don’t like it or don’t get it.
  • “If 10% of San Francisco likes your cafe, you’re set”
  • If someone LOVES it, even if no one else does, it stays there (assumption is that another 10k people would LOVE IT)
  • The grey area of “I like this” is where you die 

If you make something you think everyone will like, you’re going to make something no one will love

  • The first interview that Tim did with a stranger was with Edd Catmull, the president of Pixar, which was uncomfortable
  • Trying to select for what will help to develop skills and relationships
  • Figure out what is easy for you, that is hard for a lot of your friends and start there
  • Look at your personal pains or desires if you want to create content 

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