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FEBRUARY 14, 2018
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Tim started the conversation about Austin and being an Austinite

    • Bob learned in tennis what it takes to win
      • to preserve his amateur status he lost on purpose at times
    • If you make a mistake, you try to correct/improve, NOT smash the racket
    • At that time, Bob only concentrated on tennis
      • practice during the week
      • competition in the weekend
    • Bob learned the value of getting a coach
      • your opponent will find your weakness
      • it’s better to have a coach tell you what to improve
    • ether word = once thought to carry light from the sun to the earth
    • 3com = computer communication compatibility
    • what to tell yourself “if these persons were able to start a company, I can”
    • It took Steve Jobs 20 years to become a CEO

“Never fire anybody alone”

    • When you give too many reasons, you begin a debate
    • One rule of recruiting: you should have 3 candidates that all fit the job
      • if your company is rapidly growing, you trick them, you hire all 3 of them
      • the other 2 which are not selected for the specific role should be selected for other roles
    • Making promises is a way to increase credibility
      • showing up on time
      • making sure what you say is true
    • Checking with people before asking them for a reference
      • “may I use you as a reference?”
      • “will you say good things about us?”
    • Steve Jobs had high standards
      • this is how you can piss people off

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates had the same feature, they could make you feel like you were an idiot and you will suffer for the rest of your life if you didn’t agree with him

    • Steve Jobs was defending high standards


  • Network effect
    • it’s not the same as word of mouth recommendation
    • it means that it’s in MY interest for YOU to use this
      • much stronger than word of mouth testimonials
  • Dunbar’s Number
    • there are limitations to the number of people that can be close to you
    • now we have tools like Facebook that help us to wish many more people a happy birthday than we’d be able to without some external help


Bob uses “Ahoy” as a go-to word when starting an email, when finishing it and as a go-to toast

  • 1 of the reasons is the fact that according to 23andme Bob is a viking. Ahoy is the ancient Viking war cry.
  • 2nd reason is that he has boats and “Ahoy” is a way of greeting someone
  • 3rd reason is that when Graham Bell invented the phone, he proposed the word “Ahoy” to be used at the start of the conversation to show someone is at the end of the line
  • most gifted book – Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Pand
  • The Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins


    • Bob has a tendency to overcommit, but he copes with it by having a priority that he puts at the top of his list



  • urgency
  • importance


  • Tim mentions the Eisenhower matrix

“This company succeeding is more important to me than running it”


  • During a meeting, Bob was walking around the room just to see what his colleague that became CEO was writing
  • he was doodling, writing DNT
  • DNT = do not talk (because he talked too much)


  • When Bob wanted to increase his following, he was tweeting about startups
  • When Bob wanted to decrease his following, he tweeted about politics

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