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FEBRUARY 2, 2018
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  • 1st – You have First Principles (Core beliefs/assumptions) – that are the most important
    • IF / OR statements
    • 80 / 20 principle
  • 2nd – if you understand the principles, you can come up with strategies (broad approach to solving some problems)
  • 3rd tools/tactics (ex: Google AdWords to test, Facebook ads)
  • the “filling the void” chapter is many times ignored in the 4-hour workweek
    • many probably don’t believe in their ability to succeed that much
  • having multiple independent SILOS in which you can win
    • you have a shitty writing day, but you made PROGRESS in another area
    • preferable with OTHER PEOPLE (this is undervalued)
    • set it up BEFORE you need it
  • All events CAN BE life changing
    • even drinking coffee instead of water can have a different effect on your life
  • worrying about what only SEEMED as failures
  • difficult experiences CAN open a door that you can’t even imagine right now
  • The 4-hour chef led to the podcast, even though it was a tough journey
  • you need life to save you from what you want, to give you what you really need
  • what Tim would tell his past self:
    • “this apparent failure is going to give you x100 on the flipside, don’t do anything stupid because you are really depressed and sad right now”
  • STOIC philosophy as a toolkit
    • if there is anything that upsets you, reframe the situation in your mind, from a negative one to a positive one
    • make “wasted time” -> “productive/enjoyable time”
  • Tony Robbins thought Tim how to identify the primary questions that you ask yourself as a means of dictating behavior (this is subconscious)
    • am I good enough?
    • what is wrong with me?
  • These type of (common) default questions result in many types of sabotaging behaviors
  • It’s important to CRAFT better default questions for yourself
    • how I can even more appreciate this as a gift? (when you are frustrated)
  • Imagining that you have a revolver with 6 bullets and you can only concentrate fully only on 6 things during that  year

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