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May 30, 2018
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*** Questions are colored blue

What are the biggest regrets in life? 
  • Being an internally angry child 
  • This led to him treat people badly many times because of how internal emotions
  • All missteps made him who he is today 
How do you make changes in your life? 
  • There is also going to be fear associated with a big change 
  • Big fan of trusting your gut when going for meaningful work 
What supplements do you take on a regular basis? 
  • Most nutrition from food sources 
  • Mega foods multivitamin only if it’s necessary
  • Microdose of lithium – 300 micrograms (protects brain and improves mood)
  • naturals omega 3
  • Salmon roe – although expensive
  • Fermented turmeric
  • Turmeric tea, which is something people from Okinawa do
  • CoQ10 from Jarrow 
What advice would you give someone wanting to do a lot of things and having a hard time deciding? 
  • Joining a small company where you can wear multiple hats 
  • BE sure there is someone there who you can learn from 
How to have a long-lasting relationship? 
  • Think of you and your partner as a team, not adversaries 
  • Doing therapy if you can afford since those people do this for a living
3 things to improve quality of life? 
  • Sauna or hot bath (Rhonda Patrick recommendation)
  • Cutting out all sugars
  • Cutting out refined carbohydrates 
The balance between enjoyment and longevity? 
  • Moderation is key

How does he look at the different perspectives of Peter Attia and Valter Longo on health?

  • They complement each other 

Anger comes from a place of negative emotion 

  • It’s important to be able to think about the other person and why he might act the way he does

Emotions can be looked at as an onion

  • Emotions compound over time, layer up and form a hardened shell of who you are as a human

What is your purpose in life and how did you find it?

  • Being involved in the startup scene has been enjoyable, but did not feel as THE purpose
  • The fasting and meditation apps have been the closest to what he feels as fulfilling
  • Helping people on the health front
  • Doing things that have a positive impact on the world
  • Finding a cause dear to your heart

What are some traits or habits of successful entrepreneurs?

  • They hire the right people and they take their time
  • If someone is not the right fit, they don’t shy away from EDITING the team
  • The willingness to do something new
  • You can’t make dramatic shifts in your brain overnight, your brain is protective


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