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Long story short?

A bad-ass.

I’d need to upgrade my namecheap hosting plan to have enough bandwidth for so much information.

He’s pretty old, since he’s been employee #30 at Facebook and #4 at Mint.

Right now he holds the title of Chief Sumo at Sumo, which basically means founder, but you can just think of him as a Sumo wrestler, just a little thinner.

Sumo is actually the service I use to make that pop-up asking for your email show up out of nowhere. Blame him for creating it.


First of all, he has a cool blog and podcast at OkDork.

The Noah Kagan Presents podcast was  launched in 2017. I’ve listened to it since the #1 episode.

Noah, if you’re reading this, thank Tim (Ferriss) for introducing me to you through his podcast.

It’s definitely one of the best podcasts out there in marketing. Noah has actual interest in what he’s doing and you can feel the curiosity in interviewing different high achievers.

But still, why am I writing this?

Oh yea. Last week he made a post to celebrate his… uhm, to celebrate.

You can see in the image below that he wanted to thank each of the podcast listeners and wanted to give a shoutout to a special person who would do any of the following 3 things.

Source: OkDork

How many did I did?

Literally none.

I did leave a comment but I:

  • didn’t give my full name (yeah, still have one more)
  • didn’t leave a url to my website
  • didn’t ask him my #1 question, went for #2 from the top of my head
  • didn’t leave a review, just because I don’t use a podcast app

However, that didn’t stop me from commenting and asking one relevant question.

Thought I’d have at least one question which other people would be interested in as well.

Here is my comment.

Source: Okdork

Ok, it was too long and I just cut it out.

Go to this blog post, hit the F3 button and look up my name, you’ll find it.


Of course.

Did I feel special?

Just a little bit.

Here is the email I received.

Just my awesome gmail

I checked the new blog post right away, 

Good job Noah, you know how to craft an email.

What did I find after I went to the blog post?

Everyone got a shoutout.

Ok, not feeling so special anymore.

But who cares, I really asked out of curiosity.

The 5 minutes of fame weren’t something I was looking for, I’d rather have my question answered.

Did I get it answered?

Yes, I did.

Noah’s answer to my comment was cool enough that I had to actually make this blog post.

Good job Noah, you couldn’t have picked a better person to comment on.

Here is the audio part where he’s in love with my name.

(last part is “rabbit hole”)

Noah Kagan on Felix Dragoi

by Noah Kagan | Noah Kagan Presents Podcast

I am from Romania, no wonder my name sounds so cool.

Fortunately, I had my question answered.

Besides that, I’ve also received a bonus comment as you can hear.

Thank you, Noah, I also like your name, otherwise, I probably wouldn’t follow you.

Yeah, Noah’s Jewish if you didn’t get it by now.

That’s probably why he’s so successful.

Kidding, but he actually did mention it a couple of times on his podcast. When he went to Israel for his vacation this year he had some interesting conversations, which you can find on his podcast.

Sorry for the cursing, there was just too much enthusiasm, haha.

Source: My limited design skills


It’s been almost 16 years since the 1st Harry Potter movie came out.

The movies were a big hit, we all know it. If you’re from Europe you can see them air each Christmas.

I was renting the DVD’s in those days just to rewatch them over and over again. (at least the first 3 ones)

I had to borrow them a couple of times because they had mini-games on the 2nd DVD, the one with the extras.

But why are talking about Harry Potter?

Seems like Noah is a fan.

Around 15 years ago, most kids didn’t wear glasses as much as they do now.

I have mine since kindergarten.

It wasn’t something unusual for me to hear someone say I look like Harry Potter. But hey, that wasn’t that bad, Harry did all the work and I was stealing his reputation.

Now I’ll have to thank Noah personally for reminding me of my forgotten magical powers.

I guess we’ll see each other at Hogwarts, since he looks like a Slytherin.

Source: Again my limited design skills, with a touch of magic


Noah is a smart dude.


Noah, I didn’t let that one slide.

At one point in this last podcast, there was another person from Romania who commented.

That’s when Noah asked if anyone can find Romania on the map.

Really, how could you not know where Romania is?

It’s basically the same shape as a Magikarp from Pokemon.

By the way.

I know digital marketing isn’t the best friend of history.

Who would want to figure out how to sell to dead people from the World War 1?

However, this is for you Noah, check out the history of the Jews in Romania, a long read for those procrastination moments of the day.

And no, I didn’t read that whole essay either.

Back to Romania.

I’ll just leave a helpful link right here.

Anyone can see down below what it does.

Source: Let me Google that for you


I probably had more fun than I expected with this post.

After all, that’s why I’m writing on this blog.

Even better if you found some value by reading it.

Now, as usual, I will give the short summary. I know everyone likes a tl;dr version at times. Here it is:

#1 Noah Kagan is a cool guy you will see by just surfing the internet

#2 He made a Thank You special podcast episode for thanking the listeners

#3 I commented and unsurprisingly, received a shout

#4 I liked the shout

#5 I made a blog post about it

#6 You finished reading it

#7 Now Noah knows where Romania is on the map

#8 Noah might come to Romania to eat tacos

#9 The end

That’s all for this post.

Oh, and one more thing.

I wrote an article about stoicism here.

Guess who’s a stoic?

That’s right. Noah Kagan.

Sorry, Noah, I wanted to have you on my “Famous Modern Stoics” list, but you know why J.K. Rowling and Tim Ferriss are there.

I wanted to put you instead of Ryan Holiday, but he has a book on the subject and has less pictures on the internet, so it was easier to pick a picture.

For anyone who doesn’t know, Tim Ferriss has repeatedly mentioned how Noah Kagan introduced him to the “Coffee Challenge”.

What is it about?

Go to the cafe and ask for 10% percent discount. Why?

Just find a reason. Be creative.

The purpose is to get comfortable with the uncomfortable.

And with this golden nugget, I’ll end this longer than expected blog post.

If there’s anything on your mind, don’t be shy, you have the comment box down below ⇩⇩⇩ Promise I won’t bite ⇩⇩⇩