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The Big Anticipation

Up to this fight, there were many months of speculation, this was a good way to see how the fans would react to a superfight like this one, where the biggest MMA star of the UFC would crossover to a boxing match with arguably the best boxer of all time, the undefeated star Floyd “Money” Mayweather.

In June, it was officially announced that the money fight will take place, at either MGM Grand Garden Arena or T-Mobile Arena and air on PPV (pay-per-view). Just so you know, it took place on T-Mobile Arena after all, but keep on reading to see why it wasn’t the best choice after all.

Altough McGregor has never competed in a pro boxing match, he’s been a 2 time world champion in both his home country, as well as in the UFC, where he holds both the UFC Featherweight belt, as well as the UFC Lightweigh belt, being the first ever UFC fighter to hold simultaneously titles at 2 different weight classes.

Mayweather on the other hand, retired from boxing in September of 2015, after his 49th consecutive win, when he fought Andre Berto, just 4 months after the Manny Pacquiao fight. It was already clear that there’s no one else who could stand a chance of breaking his record, he already did the biggest and most anticipated REAL boxing match, with Pacquiao.

The Notorious vs. The Money Man

It’s not secret that both of them are already Notoriously Money driven. They like to spend a lot of money and they don’t shy away from showing off when they have the chance to do it. Is this just a coincidence? Not really.

They both have created strong personas, that’s why each of them have a nickname which they stand up to. If you don’t already know, the belt they fought for is called The Money Belt, because there wasn’t any other belt on the line, they just created one, with a suggestive name.

Both “The Notorious” and “Money” know how to market themselves in a such way, either love them or hate them, you will want to tune in to watch them. That is exactly the reason why this fight was made in the first place, altough it was lacking from a competitive standpoint from the start, the magnitude of the story of the fight, made it so interesting, selling it would be a piece of cake, or hamburger I could say.

Credits: Stuxtaunt

Mayweathers Game Plan

Mayweather is known for having a perfect record. He’s been undefeated since his debut. He praises the words his dad told him from the beginning of his career as the best advice he’s received. It’s clear that he is one of the smartest if not the smartest boxing fighter and he has his record to show for it.

For many fights now, Mayweather has implemented a very defensive style of fighting, where the main goal is to get hit as fewer times as possible and just connect with the shoots that are necessary to out-punch his opponent. Altough that won him the fight with Pacquiao, in a manner he isn’t really proud of, before the fight he’s told the media that he will fight a little more aggresive this time, just because he wants to give the fans a fight they would actually enjoy.

McGregors Game Plan

This wasn’t a surprise since anyone who’s seen McGregor fight, win or dominate in the UFC octagon, he’s biggest strength is his explosive power shoots. The problem is this isn’t an MMA fight, so what worked for him in a particular combat sport, wouldn’t perfectly translate into another combat sport.

Having strong and explosive punches seem like a perfect fit for boxing, doesn’t it?

The disadvantage of fighting like that is that there is just so much energy you have to have both explosiveness and power in your hands. The experience of not getting punched or being used to getting punched is much more important and boxers have this advantage over MMA fighters. The reason is that they’re putting in more hours in training for this, while in MMA you have to also train wrestling, grappling and be aware at all times of different types of punches and kicks which are allowed.

Mayweather and McGregor Face-Off

Fight Begins: The 3 Stages of the Fight

#1 The Beginning

As expected, McGregor came out trying to push Mayweather into the ropes, and “Money” kept his patience and fought just as he most probably planned beforehand, with a smart attitude. Mayweather took his time to measure what The Notorious can do from a punching ability and did wait patiently to figure out what the irishman is capable of.

The referee did emphasize before the match that they should fight “by boxing rules”, but McGregor still used by instinct some hammer-fists when he clenched with Mayweather. The referee had to warn him several times.

#2 The 4th Round Switch

Starting with the 4th round it was becoming clear that Floyd was trying to get Connor tired, as he covered at one point, taking some shoots, but then started to show some of his skills, starting to land a couple of body blows as well.

As he stated before the fight, Mayweather wanted to give the fans more than what he showed in the Pacquiao fight, and in the 5th round, while McGregor started to look tired, he began going from the defensive style of fighting to a more offensive one.

In the 6th round the fans were already starting to chant “Conor” which was a sign he was looking like an underdog with each and every second. Mayweather was able to push forward and look like the bigger fighter in this fight, altough the weight was in Connor’s favor.

During the 8th round, when both fighters where clenching, McGregor hit the back of the head of Floyd several times, altough Mayweather was positioning himself in such a way in which boxers usually don’t hit you. That most probably frustrated Mayweather, since the referee didn’t do anything, since at that point he was reluctant to step at every little blow that might seem at the limit.

It was already the 9th round and in his style, McGregor landed a stiff right hand to start, but as expected, in this fight he had “the puncher’s chance”, which didn’t seem to materialize in this fight. There was a lot of mouth open heavy breathing from Connor, which indicated he was again in that middle of the fight dip that he’s had before in MMA, in both the 1st and 2nd fight with Nate Diaz.

#3 The Finish

The 10th round marked the end of the fight. Mayweather felt that this was the moment and came storming with a series of punches, that had McGregor back on the ropes to still mantain his balance. With a flurry of lefts and right, McGregor’s face became red and swollen, and the referee stepped in with 1 minute and 55 seconds remaining, to stop the fight.

Source: Bleacher Report

Who Won the Prediction Game, Mayweather or McGregor?

It’s not a surprise that both of them trash talked a lot during the media tour, after all, that was their job at that moment. It wasn’t until the end of the event, we got to witness who actually made their statements be something else than just hype.

Both of them said the fight will end before the end of the 12th round.

McGregor, in his own MMA style, predicted the fight will probably end by a KO in the 4th round, which is one less than the max 5 rounds he’s fought in the octagon. He’s been right many times in the UFC, but this time he probably already knew that it’s either a 1st round win for him or probably a loss, because his explosive power is not something that he can sustain for the duration of a whole fight.

Mayweather on the other hand, isn’t the type to predict what will happen as much as McGregor likes to do it, because after all these years, he knows visualizing what will happen will only get you that far.  He knows patience and smart fighting are necessary to win a boxing fight, so he did exactly that, waited for McGregor to get exhausted, and did what he actually planned for his last fight, which is to go out with a bang.

Summary of their fight stances during the fight, McGregor won the taunting fight

Stances of Mayweather and McGregor

Credits: Stuxtaunt

Why was the T-Mobile Arena So Empty?

Altough the PPV numbers broke records, the same thing can’t be said about the attendance at the T-Mobile Arena. The seat-capacity limit for boxing events at the T-Mobile Arena is 20,000. Did they have to bring extra chairs? No, instead of seeing people standing because they might not have a seat, you would actually see something else.

Empty seats

Just as a comparison, at the Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquaio fight at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in 2015, a fight which generated a record gate of $72,198,500 at that time, there were 16,219 fans which bought a ticket. However, at the post-fight press conference, Mayweather already had some information regarding those money numbers he loves, and he stated that the gate is tracking well over $80 million.

8PM @ T-Mobile Arena for the Mayweather vs. McGregor fight

Money Earnings Post-Fight Analysis

First of all, this was a big fight for both of them, otherwise it wouldn’t be called “The Money Fight”.

McGregor is younger than Mayweather so it’s no real surprise to see what their career earning are up to this point. They are at different points in their careers, one of them is just starting to pile up those millions of dollars, while the other is already at the end of his career and this was his last paycheck from a fight (which isn’t the only way he’s making money anyway).

Floyd has fought 50 times in his professional boxing career. We all know that in boxing your first fights are just to rack up wins more than anything, because there is so much competition until you start standing out. With all the money that’s flowing in sports nowadays, Floyd “Money” Mayweather is one of the few who can actualy brag about 9 figures after showing up. Before this fight he was standing at a whooping $700 million, without taking into account all his other business ventures.

On the other side, Connor has revolutionised the payday in the UFC and on the MMA scene. Altough the UFC was able to have it’s fair share of superstars, like Brock Lesnar and Ronda Rousey, McGregor was on another level, being able to actually start and mantain having the MMA scene as his playground. He didn’t only start succesfully, he continued that way. Even after losing his first UFC fight he was actually able to return and create more hype and money for the company, as well as for himself. This doesn’t translate into the same money Mayweather was able to generate, but as mentioned before, he still has a lot more years of being active as a fighter. The $34 millions he’s been able to earn up to this point is not even half of the payday from “The Money Fight”.

Career Earnings of Connor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather

McGregor had a guaranteed pay of $30 million for this fight, but that’s not all, since he’s also waiting to get a percentage from the pay-per-view sales as well as other streams of revenue this fight generated, he might actually get to a 9 figure payday, as a total from each stream.

Mayweather made it clear from the beginning that he wants the bigger piece of the purse, in the range of 70-75 percent region. “Money” was guaranteed a $100 million payday from the start, not too bad is it? Well, that amount is expected to be double when all is said and done, and all numbers from PPV, merchandise and other streams are being taken into (Mayweather’s) account.

Post-Fight Connor McGregor

He did lost the fight, but that doesn’t mean he won’t celebrate it. He didn’t take that loss too hard, despite the loss he had plenty to celebrate. He’s received much praise for exceeding the expectations and actually going up until the 10th round, which many didn’t believe he could do.

The next move for McGregor, by his own words, is a trip to Ibiza, after that, he’s ready to fight again.

Connor McGregor:

I enjoyed myself and that’s it. Long may it continue

Connor McGregor speaking to the media Post-Fight with his Notorious brand of whiskey. Source: Getty Images

Post-Fight Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather Jr. finally improved his illustrious boxing career record to a 50-0. After all was said and done, Mayweather gave praise to McGregor for being better than he thought he would be, acknowledging that he is a though competitor.

In the post-fight interview , Mayweather confirmed what everyone was expecting, he is retiring.

Mayweather winning the “Money belt”

Final Post-Fight Wrap-Up

Both of them showed a lot of respect post-fight, since there wasn’t any beef to market anymore, the sales and the fight have been all done and finished. It’s clear that both of them will go on different paths right now, McGregor back to his playground, which is the UFC and Mayweather continuing being a money makes and promoting full time.

“We are so rich”. Source: AP

At the end of the day, it’s all about respect, and they both showed it, classy finish


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