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April 29, 2018
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  1. Non REM 
  2. REM – rapid eye movement 
  • Replayed every 90 minutes 

Non REM has 4 stages 

    • 1-2 stages – light stages 
    • 3-4 stages – deep non rem sleep (slow wave sleep) 
  • Deep sleep hits the SAVE button so we don’t forget 
  • REM sleeps starts connecting pieces of information 
  • Memory association VS memory solidification 
    • Solidification = non rem sleep 
    • Creativity, association = REM sleep 

Deep sleep resets hormonal balance – appetite regulating hormones 

  • After 20 hours of being awake you are as cognitively impaired as you would be if you were legally drunk 
  • Why would we look at someone who sleeps 5-6 hours a night different than someone who is drunk 


  • Decision-making capacity declines dramatically 
  • x4-x5 more likely to get sick 
  • Glucose regulation also becomes impaired, you will have higher levels of glucose in your blood 
  • 200% more likely to become a diabetic with 4-5 hours of sleep 
  • If you get flu vaccination with less sleep, you produce only 50% of the normal antibody response 
  • Indicator if you’re sleeping enough “IF you didn’t set an alarm, would you sleep past it?” 
  • Lack of attentiveness is a sign of being sleep deprived 


5 core tips 

1. Regularity

  • go to sleep and wake up at the same time 

2. Keep it cool – 65 degrees Fahrenheit 

    • Brain needs to take its temperature down 
    • You get more deep sleep 

3. Light 

4. Not staying in bed if you haven’t fallen asleep after 30 minutes 

    • You train your mind in a pavlovian way that the bed is not always a place to sleep 

5. Foods 

    • Caffeine – the only active stimulant we give to our children 
    • Caffeine blocks adenosine
    • Adenosine builds up from the moment we wake up and it helps us sleep 
    • Caffeine should be taken 12-14 hours before sleep 
    • Alcohol such as wine has dot dot dot 
  • 24% increase in heart attacks in the spring because of the time shift 
  • 21% decrease in heart attacks in the winter because of the time shift 
  • You could rather drink alcohol in the morning if you want it to get out of the system by night 



  • Double-edged sword 
  • 8 hours before bed would be ideal 
  • 20-25 minutes are optimal usually 
  • 40-45 minutes for a few more benefits 
  • Marijuana interferes with REM sleep 


  • It takes you 8 days to recover if the time difference is 8 hours (USA – UK) 

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