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Ok, I’ll be honest, I wasn’t happy from the first second.

Not even from the second one, but after I cooled down in a couple of days, I realized what a great time it was to lose my laptop.

I also lost my documents, such as national ID, student card, debit card, and a few other things, among which was an iPod charger which I valued more than even my laptop (but that’s another story).

Well, at least I can buy a new iPod charger for less than 2 dollars.

Not the same story with the laptop. That one seems to be gone for good. My Lenovo was a brave soldier for around 2 years and a half, a time during which we went together to Poland, Spain, Germany, and Romania. If I remember correctly even in Moldova.

Oh, so many memories.

I can always check his reviews when I’m missing him. He was a really brave Lenovo Y50-70.

But honestly, I’m happier now without it.

You might think why. Well, the reason is pretty simple.

It was past its prime.

Don’t get me wrong, I use most of my things probably even longer than I should, but right now, the laptop was not in the best shape of his life

It was holding me back to some extent.

The monitor turned green and purple just a few weeks ago. I knew I had to do something with it, even if I was abroad at that time.

If you’re thinking how could I be so cruel to my fellow companion, well, you might be right.

At the same time, there’s something you can hardly forget once you hear it a couple of times, and that’s…

“You’re the average of your 5 closest friends”

I know I know. The laptop is not a person, but if you’re like me and spending a good amount of time daily on your notebook, you can understand how it could affect you.

So we could be thinking in terms of …

“You’re the average of your 5 most used devices”

So I started a search for a new device.

Most importantly…

I’ve never had an SSD and the old Lenovo had a 5400 RPM HDD. I know I’m sounding technical even though I’m not such tech-savvy computer expert, but that basically means that the hard drive is not that fast and programs will load slower.

Now, that thing called an SSD was still unknown to me, because I’ve never personally used it, but I knew it was something special.

So I looked for a new laptop.

  • One with SSD.
  • One with better specs than my old one. (trust me, this was easy to do)
  • Ready for the long-run

And ultimately, I just wanted an all-around performance based companion.

It took a couple of heavy research days to get to know which ones are the best for their price.

In the end, I found it.

I had to wait a few days just to see how prices fluctuate and then I asked a couple of better-informed people what they think of my choice.

All thumbs were up so there wasn’t much else to do besides buying it.

Guess what.

I purchased it.

It was 50% more expensive than my last one, so that was something new for me.

However, I felt it was the right choice for the next couple of years and when I make my longer-term investments, I don’t play around.

If you’re thinking what laptop did I buy, well, I can only tell you it was the best one… for me.

Saying I made a few upgrades would be an understatement

  • From i5 older generation CPU to i7 8th generation (trust me, big difference)
  • From 960m video card to 1060 3gb – to give you an idea, 960m was already outdated 2 years ago, while 1060 can stand up to games that didn’t even appear yet
  • From 500GB to 1TB, this was nice, but nothing super fancy, since they were both 5400 RPM, so not the fastest, but good for capacity either way
  • From NO SSD to 128 GB SSD – this was a big difference. Faster windows startup, faster applications, faster everything, well worth the price
  • From 8 GB ram to the same 8 GB ram – here I will have to upgrade because Chrome is one hungry mother browser, but can live with it for the moment
  • From 15.6 screen to 17.3 screen – once I’ve seen that I can go bigger, I didn’t look back. It just seemed a no-brainer since I regularly split my screen between 2 apps

So that’s pretty much it.

Earth shattering?

Ground breaking?

Revolutionary life-change?

Hell no.

Although I could argue about it being life-changing in a positive way.

But did I improve my standard for a laptop?

Hell yea.

That’s because the upgrade is actually significant. The 2 laptops roam around different price points and the difference between them is not small.

Oh, and I almost forgot to tell you about the actual laptop I’ve picked.

Most companies seem to have a few of these configurations, but honestly, not many have such a great mix of great features at a reasonable price.

The only one I found with a convenient price to quality ratio was this bad boy over here called the MSI GV73 8E.

Do I recommend it?

Well, that would be a silly question actually.

I have it for just a few days, what do you expect. I’ve had no problem with it yet…

Except for the fact that windows always does something in order for one or two pieces of software to have incompatibility issues, but hey, it’s part of the game at this point with windows.



You might have noticed one of the reasons already.

It’s simply because I basically did an upgrade.

My ID and student card surely aren’t getting much of an upgrade, but at the end of the day, there’s only one thing that shapes what actually happened to us.

And that simple thing is …


Don’t you agree?

I could be bitter and feel bad, but why not look at the upsides?

I didn’t ask myself “how come I lost my items?”, “how come did it happen to me?”, “how come I was so stupid?”.

Well, let me tell you one thing. When you ask yourself a question you’ll get an answer.

If you search for one that makes you feel bad, you’ll still get it.

“Why am I stupid?” will get you answers, don’t worry about it.

But at the same time, “what did I take away from this event?” is another question you can ask yourself.

And that is exactly what I did in this situation.

I flipped the questions to positive ones, because, like I said, you will get an answer either way.

As you may actually notice while reading this, the answer to my question is simple.

A new blog post.

The idea came after midnight (really good time for ideas)

Then I just opened my Evernote and started writing, about half of this blog post.

The next morning I copy pasted the text into a new blog post and added more to it.

And that’s basically the story behind what you’re reading right now.

I’ve touched upon the power of questions in the past. You can find more info in this last blog post of a 3 part series I made about making better buying decisions.

Usually, I write longer posts because unless I give enough examples, stories and ask enough questions, for you, as a reader, it is harder to understand.

Don’t get me wrong, I know you’re smart, but this is exactly why many people talk so much to convey a message because unless we hear something enough times, we won’t take it seriously enough.

I fall into this trap many times as well.

I’m sure you can remember a few instances when you were reading or listening to something a successful person was saying, and it seemed like common sense.

Why was he getting paid so hefty for a keynote?

Why was he writing a book on the subject?

Why was he selling an expensive online course?

The reason is simple.

Because common sense is not so common anymore.

We all know a lot, but because we think we know, we just keep it there, but rarely apply it.

We know we shouldn’t let emotions drive our decisions.

Yet it still happens.

Michael Jordan was always practicing the fundamentals before each basketball game.

This is exactly what we have to do each time as well.

If you leave with only one idea from this blog post then I’m sure you’ve spent your time well. I want to reassure you on that.

The big takeaway I want you to take from this post is how important questions are.

Better questions – better answers

Better questions – better life

Better questions – happier life

I said I’m going to keep this blog post short so that’s exactly what I’ll do.

To continue the discussion, we have the comment section below.



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If you have anything to share regarding this post, please do.

I look forward to a discussion in the comment section down below.

And if you were curious, down below is a picture with the new MSI from which I’m writing right now.

I’m sure it will help me create more valuable content over time and offer as much as possible back to people like yourself who take time to improve at all times and read my material. Thank you.

If there’s anything on your mind, don’t be shy, you have the comment box down below ⇩⇩⇩ Promise I won’t bite ⇩⇩⇩