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February, 2018
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  1. There’s chaos to confront
  2. There’s order to re-establish
  •  The world would be a lesser place if you didn’t do it

What would it look like if you had what you wanted?

People say what they don’t mean for the short benefit, to not engage in fights


You have to choose your pathway to suffering

  1. The path  with deceive, resentment,  arrogance
  2. The path associated with truth
  • The suffering associated with truth is that it transcends the suffering, it makes things better
  • It’s not good to let other people put words in your mouth
You can’t negotiate if you can’t say no
  • People should make their own bed before going to change the world
People underestimate the importance of small things
  • Hanging out with the people that care most about us
  • We have the option to pick our tribe

If you’re complaining, announce your rules of satisfaction

You can’t hit a target unless you aim for it
  • You have to be precise
  • Everybody wants the quick fix but usually, there is no instant fix

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