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April, 2018
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TV producers usually ask themselves “how can we scare people the most?” 

  • You can decide to get rich 
There’s a difference between wanting and deciding 
  • Make believe is everything
  • We are ruled by our beliefs
  • Human beings love to be right
You can be broke and cool
You can be rich and cheesy 
To change your life you have to see things differently 
  • Everything is where you place your focus
  • Everybody is winging it
  • It’s a choice of where you focus 

Get off the couch and TRY things 

  • Combining ideas: learning golf and then writing about it – “how to get better at golf” 

 Our actions are determined by our thoughts and beliefs 

  • Think differently about money 
  • Think that you can afford anything
  • DO NOT think that you can’t afford the opportunities
What you appreciate, appreciates
  • Be grateful for the money you will receive, not thinking about who can give it to you
  • Be grateful that a person will give you money
  • Jen actually “paid for her friends”, in order to be around more valuable people

When you play with someone better than you, you have to up your game 

  • You see what is possible 
  • Focusing on what is good
  • CATCH the anxiety and turn it upside down 

Why focus on the doubts? 

  • What stops us most of the time is that we don’t give ourselves permission to get rich 
  • Jen decided to pay $85k for a coach eventually
  • Hiring somebody to help you is helpful because ONE THING can be said, that saves you 3 years of writing lists and doing journaling
Giving is an exchange of energy
  • Giving and receiving is a reciprocal flow

The more you give, the more you receive

  • If you are in GRATITUDE, you are focused on abundance, not on lack 

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