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February, 2018
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  • Cal mentions how Seth’s blog is like a tropical waterfall
Marketers are made
Everything is marketing
  • The product we make
  • The location
  • The way we present
  • Marketing helps us get attention
  • Seth Godin tells stories that change people
  • Seth uses pictures in his presentations
  • He tells stories about it
Leading gives you charisma
  • Ask yourself “Who’s it for, what’s it for?”
Being a meaningful specific instead of a wandering generality
  • If you announce your intention and you fail you show that you weren’t able to do it
  • We act in ways that benefit us
  • Authenticity means acting consistent
  • Clicking on Seth’s head on his personal website – the message that you convey through images

On writing

  • Just type
  • It doesn’t matter if it’s good typing or bad typing
If you just keep typing, sooner or later your brain will say “enough with the bad stuff, I’ll give you some good stuff”
You don’t blog because you have something to say, you have something to say because you blog
  • Sleazy marketers are easy to find, they are looking for shortcuts
  • Any issue costs money
  • This creates a scarce number of issues

 About podcasts

  • Because podcasts are scarce, there is more money in its advertising
  • If everybody starts a podcast, the scarcity starts to decrease


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