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Reading books is not always fun.

Unless you pick a good one.

You might think what’s the difference between a good one and a bad one?

As you have probably observed, the most important factor is reading with enthusiasm.

If you are reading something that you like, you will probably enjoy it a lot.

If you are reading just because you have to, due to different reasons, it won’t be such an enjoyable read.

So what I’m reading right now?

Because I simplify life into health, wealth and happiness, I usually want to improve all of them, but you have to take it one step at a time.

The focus right now is on health, so I’m reading one of the best books I’ve been able to find on the subject of how the body works and understanding how you can actually control your weight.

The Obesity Code by Dr. Jason Fung M.D.

Click Here to check out my personal notes on the whole book, chapter by chapter.

The Obesity Code Book Cover


Simply put, I know this is a great book.

Here is how I do my research before reading a book?

  • check Amazon reviews
  • check 1-2-3 star reviews
  • check if there is a summary
  • check the credibility of the author
  • check if successful people are recommending it

This is a simplified version of how I do it.

Usually, if I see that a book is recommended by a lot of people, I check for a summary of it on the internet.

Knowing the author

This is also a very important thing to take into account.

Ask yourself.

  • does he have anything to sell?
  • does he want fame?
  • does he present anything new?
  • does he know what he is writing about?

Most of the time, answering this questions can give you a pretty straightforward answer if you should read it or not.

Dr. Jason Fung M.D. is a pretty well-known doctor in his field.

He is treating patients for a leaving and you can listen to him on YouTube as well.

If you see an expert mentioned a lot of times and you can clearly see that there’s a real message he is trying to convince his audience about, that’s a good indicator of credibility.

So why The Obesity Code?

Obesity is a real problem worldwide right now.

You might not be fat, but you definitely know someone who is.

Weight management is a science and what you don’t know, you can’t control.

Dr. Jason Fung M.D.


Obesity is a real problem worldwide right now.

You might not be fat, but you definitely know someone who is.

Weight management is a complex subject and what you don’t know, you can’t control.

Do you know which industry is among the “big 3” in the world?

Health/Weight Loss.

There are 2 types of companies in this industry.

  • Some companies give you low-quality food and make you fat.
  • Other companies give you “the solution” to making you lose weight

It’s a vicious cycle unless you understand and control this area of your life.

I strongly believe that your wealth is your health.

Some billionaires can make $1 million/day so that is not impossible.

But can you get back 10 years of your life?

You can live up to 40 years or you can leave up to 70 or more years.

It’s up to us to take care of our health properly and be able to have as many life experiences as possible.

Below is a graph showing the increased obesity rates all over the world.

Obesity can lead to:

  • type 2 diabetes
  • high blood pressure
  • heart disease and strokes
  • certain types of cancer
  • sleep apnea
  • osteoarthritis
  • fatty liver disease
  • kidney disease
  • etc

Do you want to live a life where you’re thinking about your next experience? Or do you want a life where even eating a banana or drinking a coffee can mess your whole day?

Easy answer, isn’t it?

That’s why giving attention early to an area of your life that many overlook is important.


I don’t recommend any type of reading over the other.

If you prefer the feeling of a real book in your hand instead of an ebook, it’s just as good.

Actually, studies have shown that you might remember more if you actually read a physical book. One of the reasons is that you are engaging more with the material, ince you have to use your fingers more, while also not having any notification pop-up on your real book.

No matter your preference, there is ONE BIG difference between those who memorize what they read and those who don’t. There’s a simple reason for that.


Remember what I said about engaging while reading a physical book?

The concept still applies no matter how you’re reading.

If you are taking notes, you are taking your time to write what you found important.

Our minds don’t have unlimited memory.

Want a lot of new information? You will forget a lot of the old information.

Think of your mind as a basement.

You can’t put new things in it if it’s already full.

We have to understand the limitations of our mind and help it.

This is how I currently read and take notes from this book.

Screenshoot of my desktop while reading and taking notes


Would you go from the US to UK with a car? Or with a boat? Probably neither.

You could just take an airplane, it’s easier.

This is the reason I split my desktop into 2. It makes the process faster and easier.

For reading the book, I am using Freda ebook reader.

It’s a nice ebook reader that lets you play with the colors and it comes out-of-the-box with pretty intuitive and easy to use interface. Did I mention that it’s also FREE?

For taking notes, I am using Evernote.

Haven’t heard of Evernote before? I highly recommend it if you want to take notes like a pro.

It’s one of the best note-taking programs out there, especially since you can also install it on your mobile phone.

If you are a fan of the plain old paper, just use that to take notes.

The best thing you can do while reading a non-fiction book is to take notes, otherwise, you will leave on the table a lot of information. The more books you read, the harder it is to remember, even the important details.

Taking notes on paper


This was one of my shorter posts I made.

I might make these type of blog posts more often since they are showing more I’m doing in the present moment and it might spark in you some new ideas for growing your knowledge as well. 

The short summary of this short blog post:

#1 Right now I’m reading the Obesity Code by Dr. Jason Fung M.D.

#2 If you’re interested in health, this is one of those books you shouldn’t skip.

#3 Even if you might not have problems with weight, if you know someone who has, you could help them with all the information in this book.

#4 Note taking is just as important as reading the book if you want to memorize all the complex concepts.

#5 Using an ebook reader and a note taking app can make the process faster.

That’s all for this post.

I hope you found value in it and if there’s anything you want to say regarding it, the comment section down below is open to everyone.

Here is another old saying we can all learn from when we get off track.

Click here to read my notes on the entire book, chapter by chapter. 

Final Quote to Keep You Motivated

If there’s anything on your mind, don’t be shy, you have the comment box down below ⇩⇩⇩ Promise I won’t bite ⇩⇩⇩