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March 30, 2018
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Lifelong learning 
Book “The distracted mind”
Practical things to do regarding distraction and focus 
  • Our prefrontal Cortex development lets us better focus on our goals and task at hand 
  • We are able to stop between the act of perception and action, unlike many other animals 

Types of interference


 1. Distractions (external) 

    • Irrelevant information
    • Novelty 
    • Loud sounds 
    • Distracting lights  

2. Interruptions (external)

    • When you make the decision to do something else
    • multi-tasking

3. Diversions

    • multi-tasking

4. Intrusions

  • mind-wandering
    • Most of internal distractions are negative
    • Mindfulness practices = experiences that you engage in that activate the brain selectively that you practice again and again to refine how those networks engage
    • Having real time feedback on how your brain responds just as you would get feedback in real time in the gym, if the weight is too light or too heavy so you can adjust accordingly
    • To change anything, it’s important to be deeply immersed and involved (this is where video games can help)

All foods act differently, all drugs act differently – not all experiences are the same either

  • These technologies that are developed should not be replacements of real life activities
  • These technologies are like medicine – optimization tools – which should be used, in a prescribed fashion – just to help improve function (especially if there’s a deficiency)

5 pillars of brain health 


1. Moving the body – physical exercise
  • highest level of evidence

2. Cognitive challenge

  • even social
  • getting out of the comfort zone

3. Stress management

  • no stress is not ideal
  • helpless stress is the one we don’t want

4. Nutrition

5. Sleep



  • We need to find the recipe that works for us in regards to these 5 ingredients

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