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How to Make Wasted Time Work for You

Special Days Don't Announce Themselves Today I just woke up as on any other day. Maybe a little too late at 7:40 AM, but enough sleep is always a good idea. After my morning routine, while ingesting some protein and fat, I opened YouTube – which is already a habit at...

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Easy vs. Hard, Simple vs. Complicated

EASY AND HARD First, let me ask you a question.  Can you walk? No, really, think for a second. Considering you didn't injure your legs I suppose it does seem like a strange question, doesn't it? But what if I asked this question to a baby? Well yeah, first of all, he...

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10 Hubspot Certifications in 10 Days Challenge

UNEXPECTED CHALLENGE I was just scrolling on Linkedin (yeah, that's a rare thing for anyone) and I've seen something interesting. A connection of mine just posted an image that made me stop scrolling for a second. That's what good design can do. After taking a closer...

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