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Review of 2018: All Posts and Published Content

Remembering to review 2018 Thanks to Sol Orwell's 2018 overview that just arrived in my inbox a couple of days ago, I was inspired to make this blog post It's basically a big picture overview of last year's content that I published. Sol's email was relatively short,...

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Recent Podcast Notes

James Altucher podcast – Jen Sincero

NOTES   TV producers usually ask themselves "how can we scare people the most?"  You can decide to get rich  There's a difference between wanting and deciding  Make believe is everything We are ruled by our beliefs Human beings love to be right You can be broke...

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James Altucher podcast – Jordan Peterson

NOTES   There's chaos to confront There's order to re-establish  The world would be a lesser place if you didn't do it What would it look like if you had what you wanted? People say what they don't mean for the short benefit, to not engage in fights   You have to...

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