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How to Make Wasted Time Work for You

Special Days Don't Announce Themselves Today I just woke up as on any other day. Maybe a little too late at 7:40 AM, but enough sleep is always a good idea. After my morning routine, while ingesting some protein and fat, I opened YouTube – which is already a habit at...

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Easy vs. Hard, Simple vs. Complicated

EASY AND HARD First, let me ask you a question.  Can you walk? No, really, think for a second. Considering you didn't injure your legs I suppose it does seem like a strange question, doesn't it? But what if I asked this question to a baby? Well yeah, first of all, he...

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10 Hubspot Certifications in 10 Days Challenge

UNEXPECTED CHALLENGE I was just scrolling on Linkedin (yeah, that's a rare thing for anyone) and I've seen something interesting. A connection of mine just posted an image that made me stop scrolling for a second. That's what good design can do. After taking a closer...

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Recent Podcast Notes

Unmistakable Creative Podcast – Steven Kotler

NOTES   Building your life around the approximately 20 triggers of focus None of them are complicated None of them are super sexy Exposure to something teaches you that thing If you are not a natural born genius, books are a good way to become smart   Everyone who...

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Cal Fusman Podcast Notes – Seth Godin

NOTES   Cal mentions how Seth's blog is like a tropical waterfall Marketers are made Everything is marketing The product we make The location The way we present Marketing helps us get attention Seth Godin tells stories that change people Seth uses pictures in his...

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