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Review of 2018: All Posts and Published Content

Remembering to review 2018 Thanks to Sol Orwell's 2018 overview that just arrived in my inbox a couple of days ago, I was inspired to make this blog post It's basically a big picture overview of last year's content that I published. Sol's email was relatively short,...

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How to Make Wasted Time Work for You

Special Days Don't Announce Themselves Today I just woke up as on any other day. Maybe a little too late at 7:40 AM, but enough sleep is always a good idea. After my morning routine, while ingesting some protein and fat, I opened YouTube – which is already a habit at...

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Recent Podcast Notes

Cal Fusman Podcast Notes – Seth Godin

NOTES   Cal mentions how Seth's blog is like a tropical waterfall Marketers are made Everything is marketing The product we make The location The way we present Marketing helps us get attention Seth Godin tells stories that change people Seth uses pictures in his...

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